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Don't know where to start. I'm 60 years old, been married to the same woman for nearly 32 years. My wife's name is Marti. She is an early childhood education specialist. I have a daughter, 29, Kassy, she has her masters degree in english. I am an investigator for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. I am a dog person and have two Bearded Collies.
My wife and I do canine agility and sheep herding with our dogs. I have played in a band for almost 20 years called PRAIRIE LAND STRING BAND. Buy our cd's. :-)
Turn-ons...classical music, sci-fi channel and classic films.
Turn-offs..ignorance, intolerance and xenophobia.
I havn't been to a movie in over five years.
Favorite wait, I like Sushi..ok I like all kinds of food. That's me and my dog Honey sitting the couch in our living room. Honey loves to have her picture taken and is smiling for the camera. PEACE